Working as a Veterinary Assistant

Vet-AssistantChoosing a career is seldom an easy task and should never be taken lightly.  Pursuing something that you find interesting will make the time you spend doing that job enjoyable.  Many people enjoy working with animals, a veterinary assistant is a great entry level job for someone who would enjoy working in such an environment.

To become a veterinary assistant requires little more then a usually a high school diploma.  As a vet assistant, you would find yourself with numerous tasks that help to keep the facility running smoothly.  These tasks can include cleaning and sanitizing treatment areas and cages.  Also a vet assistant must know how to deal with the patients who in this case are animals.  Often times an animal is frightened when they are at the vet, especially if they must stay overnight.  Knowing how to calm them and make them feel comfortable is something that you will need to do.  Only a person with a genuine love for animals would be well suited for this task.

A veterinary assistant salary can range significantly depending on many factors including location, experience, and any training that was received.  Salaries can range from $17,000-$50,000 per year.

This job would be great for someone who is thinking of going to school to become a veterinarian or vet technician.  Being familiar with how an animal hospital is run will help you greatly in your future career.